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It wasn't long ago that Pinellas Park was mostly forested and rural.

Many of our wild friends either get pushed out or become 'urbanized'.

Peoples attics seem like a cozy nesting place. Trash cans and pet food are easy meals and swimming pools are convenient toilets and bathing spots.

As harmless as their intentions may be, some wildlife can be extremely destructive to your property.

The Trapper Guy will come out and humanely remove the live animal from your property and if possible, relocate it. I will fix the damage caused and make preventative measures so they won't return.

With proper wildlife control we can co-exist with our wild neighbors.


* 24 hour services are for emergencies only. Live animal in a living area where safety of the occupants is in question is considered an emergency.


Pinellas Park , FL wildlife news

USDA hopes to eradicate raccoon rabies in Pinellas County

Pinellas Park, Florida - They may look harmless but raccoons are a problem because they're the most prevalent rabies carrier in Florida.

"We had actually five cases since the first of the year last year of raccoon rabies," said Dr. Welch Agnew, Pinellas County Animal Services Director.

Now Animal Services workers are putting out bait for raccoons through Pinellas County. Fish meal will attract raccoons, but rabies vaccine is tucked inside.

"And so the raccoon as he's eating through here he would puncture this and swallow the rabies vaccine and be protected," said Agnew.

The USDA chose Pinellas County and Cape Cod for this research project because both are peninsulas, with limited access. The USDA hopes to eradicate raccoon rabies.

"Because then people don't have to get the post exposure shots by vaccinating wild animals it decreases the chance that someone's going to get bit by a rabid animal," said Betsy Haley, a USDA Wildlife Biologist.

At $1.50 per bait, Agnew says the USDA is footing the bill for a little more than $100,000. But Pinellas County's Animal Services Director says it worth every penny to eliminate rabies here.

"And if we can keep things that will keep the tourism from being affected adversely then I think that's a good thing to do." said Agnew

Agnew says as cute as raccoons may be, you should never feed or relocate one.

More than 70,000 rabies vaccines will be spread throughout Pinellas County in the next few days. Dr. Agnew says if your pet happens to find one, it will not be affected by the vaccine.


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